Discography for Marianne Nowottny

b.1982 USA

Marianne Nowottny - vocals, piano, harmonium, electronic piano, zheng, guitar and percussion.

As member of SHELL: Marianne Nowottny - vocals, electronic piano and percussion. Include; Donna Bailey - electronic piano, vocals, recorder, trumpet, Paul Brooks - guitar, bass.

Compiled by Mark Dagley and Lauri Bortz 1997-2004

Abaton Book Company

ArtistLabel & Catalog NumberFormat & DescriptionTitleYear of ReleaseEdition Size
SHELLAbaton #000C-60 cassette"SHELL Meets the Invisible Man + SHELL vs. NEU!" w/Donna Bailey and Dan Warwick10/9850 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #0017 song CD-R w/ booklet"Afraid of Me"11/98300 copies, 25 signed
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #00116 song CD w/20 page lyric booklet"Afraid of Me"5/991000 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #0024 song limited CD-R"Live on WFMU"2/6/9950 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #003poem on Mp3 on IBM formatted disc"I am a Good Mother"199925 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #0047" 45rpm White vinyl, Folded Picture sleeve"Jesus-in-a-Jiffy/Sequin Serenade"8/991000 copies
Marianne NowottnyAceFu #10CDKeep Left Vol.#1, 1 track (Mustard Seed)20011000 copies
Marianne NowottnyEMF- EM128-33xCDState of The Union 2.001 (1 song)2001?
Marianne NowottnyLiquid Audio FileFile download"Marianne Nowottny Live at The Knitting Factory11/11/99umlimited
SHELLAbaton#005CDShell is Swell20002000 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #0062xCD"Manmade Girl- Songs and Instrumentals"6/012000 copies
Marianne Nowottnymp3.comCDR"Fountain Of Youth"5/02?
SHELLmp3.comCDR"We Hate Lunch"2002?
Marianne NowottnyNinthwaveCDNobody's Diary (Yazoo Tribute) - 1 track "I Before E Except After C"6/021000 copies
Marianne NowottnyCamera Obscura #56Enhanced CD - 7 audio tracks and 3 track video content. Eight page booklet of lyrics and cover self portrait by the artist"Illusions of the Sun"12/20/2002800 copies
SHELLAbaton #0087" 33 1/3, 4 songs, one sung in Spanish, Cherry pink vinyl, Wrap around graphic insertGIMMESHELL2003500 copies
Marianne NowottnyRobots & Electronic Brains zine compilation, with magazine1 track, "Tthe Deep End"2005Unknown
Marianne NowottnyDream Magazine #4Compilation cd1 track "Harbor", Recorded on WFMU FM 2004?
Marianne NowottnyAbaton #143 song CD-R with b/w slip cover"19 minutes ~ Live at the Knitting Factory, 10/22/99"2004special order from Abaton
Marianne NowottnyFoxy Digitalis #0554 song CD-R with hand stamped gatefold sleeve, lyric booklet and color bookmark"Skymother Mountain"2005100 copies
Marianne NowottnyBarl Fire #57 song Cd-r, color cover with insert, numberedStrange Weather From The Basement2005100 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton#14 7 song Cd-r, color cover with insert, jewel caseStrange Weather From The Basement repressing of above Barl Fire release2006Special order from Abaton
Marianne NowottnyCelestial Jars #CJ0025 song Cd-r in slip caseSpringtime Of Desire200630 copies
Marianne NowottnyAbaton#215 song Cd-r, color cover with insert, jewel caseSpringtime Of Desire, repressing of Celestial Jars #CJ0022006Special order from Abaton