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A 7" Two-Fur

Featuring the feline vocals of

Frick the Cat & Fuzzy Wuz She

Abaton Book Company is proud to present a Frick the Cat Two-Fur, featuring vocals by Frick the Cat with musical accompaniment by guitarist Mark Dagley on a 7" vinyl 45 rpm record. Frick the Cat has served faithfully as Abaton's mascot since autumn of 2003. During this time, she has proven to be not only a loyal friend but an excellent entertainer. Her vocal range far surpasses that of the average feline, and her songs are purred with a unique brand of pathos. Two-Fur, Frick's colorful debut, highlights both her poignant Flamenco stylings and her biting punk rock sensibility. Side A, El Gato, features Mark Dagley (Girls, Hi Sheriffs of Blue, Pothole Skinny, Emerald Tablets) on guitar. Side B, Frick It!, includes Frick's housemates, Hissy and Bony, performing as the coolest cats of all in Fuzzy Wuz She.

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