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Abaton Book Company is pleased to present the legend of Kung Fu Kitty, a book and DVD set written, narrated and directed by Lauri Bortz with illustrations, set designs and musical score by Marianne Nowottny, videotaped and edited by Mark Dagley, starring Abaton mascot and recording artist Frick-the-Cat.

Kung Fu Kitty is altogether unrelated to the major motion picture Kung Fu Panda. The former, an epic undertaking, was begun several years before the latter's release and was shot on a shoestring budget in a small attic room at Abaton's Jersey City headquarters.

The story of Kung Fu Kitty is based on the Biblical book of Exodus, though it features original Chinese characters rather than Hebrew heroes and Egyptian foes. It is enacted by real felines, Frick-the-Cat and her Fuzzy Wuz She bandmate Bony, as well as Abaton newcomer Diamanda. The cats are joined by a host of inanimate furry friends—an elaborate assortment of semi-realistic stuffed monkeys—in a whimsically hand-painted cardboard set built to scale by artist and musician Stirling Krusing.

Kung Fu Kitty will appeal to folklore fans of all ages, entire families, possibly their pets too. This charming tale harkens to days of yore in China, to a mythical time and place where monkeys ruled and cats served. The story is philosophical without being morally aggrandizing and humorous without being base—though monkeys will be monkeys.

While author Lauri Bortz is best known for her critically acclaimed plays, she has been creating children’s literature for decades. Her stories were in high demand by fellow students at South Elementary School, Glencoe, Illinois. Ms. Bortz worked as a nanny throughout her teens and into her twenties, entertaining charges with homespun tales. She received multiple requests from these youngsters and their parents for a “real book.” With Kung Fu Kitty she has finally met these demands.

This book is 116 pages, with 42 richly drawn black and white illustrations. The DVD, shot in high definition color, is 82 minutes long. The musical score is available separately on CD.

A sequel to the book, Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law, in which this saga is completed, was released recently and is available from Abaton Book Company and through Amazon.

For more information about Lauri Bortz, read her bio.

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An audio journey to a mystical and distant land of many moons ago!

Title: Kung Fu Kitty (Original Soundtrack Recording)

Artist: Marianne Nowottny

The Kung Fu Kitty soundtrack was composed and performed by Marianne Nowottny, using a variety of Chinese string instruments, including the zhang (a 21-string zither), the “magic dragon” four-string banjo, various gongs, cymbals, flutes, bells and whistles. Layered throughout are Nowottny’s signature keyboard fantasies, voice, electronics and sound effects, producing an audio journey to a mystical and distant land of many moons ago. Marianne Nowottny has long explored dense multi-tracked compositional elements in her avant-pop songs and instrumental tracks. The score of a children’s film serves as a natural showcase for the numerous possibilities her work presents.

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Have your pet painted by Marianne Nowottny on a 5" circular canvas for only $100. Just email her a photo!

Meet the Creators of Kung Fu Kitty

(Left to right)

Lauri Bortz - screenplay, direction and narration

Mark Dagley - videography and sound engineering

Stirling Krusing - set design and construction

Marianne Nowottny - book illustrations, musical soundtrack, set coloration and painted backdrops


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