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by Lauri Bortz

This handsome volume contains two tragic farces, Skirting the Issue and Catfight, both of which explore themes of gender in language, role-playing, role modeling, and the education of the American youth. Edition of 100096 pages The book is profusely illustrated with vintage advertisements that have been appropriated and altered by the playwright and Brazilian-born artist Roberto Cabot.$15.00


To-Night at 8:00
by Lauri Bortz

Included in this volume are two tragicomedies, A Modicum of Passion and Fixed, the first published works (1997) by this Chicago-born playwright.Edition 1000 copiesSoftcover, 104 pages Illustrating this book are twenty-four drawings by New York artist J.D. Fleishman$15.00

Book by Mark Dagley

Prima Ballerina ~ Natalia Tchemodanov
Mark Dagley

Photography Edition of 100 Perfect bound, 56 pages, glossy cover25 black & white reproductions on 60# cream paper$15.00


Looking for Maya
by JD Fleishman

J. D. Fleishman's photojournalistic expose of her adventures in the skin trade. With text by Black Alex, interview with Lauri Bortz, and a poem by Jeff Burns.Limited edition, few left3214 black and white photographs, 5 color$10.00


With special edition 4.75 x 6.75 inch digital print signed by Fleishman.

by The Mother, The Daughter & the Holy Ghost, a.k.a JD Fleishman

A Manifesto for the Age Of Anxiety.Limited edition, few left124 images$5.00

Five and Dime Box Set View

Installation at van der donk

5&10 box set

Artists and Titles:

1.Roberto Cabot
You Have New Mail ten color images of e-mail gone awry, one drawing
2. Luis Claramunt Blind Paintings, Left Paintings
ten line drawings, one b/w photo
3. Cora Cohen
The record, the death, the surprise ten b/w photo images of New York and Cologne
4. George Condo Televised Silkscreens
text, color images from 1960s tv shows
5. Mark Dagley Analytic, Concrete, Radical
comments on 20th century painting
6. J.G. Dokoupil Self Portraits twelve color photo self portraits
7. Steve Doughton Forming
thirty-six color film stills
8. J.D. Fleishman
A Disc of Snow seven melancholy poems, eight watercolor illustations
9. Kenneth Goldsmith
Gertrude Stein on Punctuation
lecture by Stein illustrated by Goldsmith
10. Janine Gordon Brooklyn in da House
psycho-sexual fantasy, ten b/w photo illustrations
11. Alix Lambert Tattoos by Alix
six tattoo images, free transfer pullout
12. Robert LaVigne
essay on the hazards of nuclear waste with eight halftone illustrations
13. Cecilia de Medeiros
eight color and b/w images of violence and piety
14. Tom Moody Polygamy
five b/w bitmap portraits
15. Olivier Mosset Beach Towels
six color images of paintings
16. Steven Parrino
The End of All Things
apocalyptic comic book
17. John Pomara
Line Drive
six photo-mechanically manipulated drawings
18. Lisa Ruyter
The End
paranoic countdown to 2010; text and four b/w photos
19. Thomas A. Schmidt
line drawings of various facial expressions
20. Bill Schwarz
The Secret Life of Machines
nine b/w photos of early 20th century machines
21. Peter Tollens Untitled
eleven reproductions of b/w monotypes
22. John Tremblay Untitled
fourteen color photos of art and architecture
23. Alan Uglow
After the Match eight b/w photo images of football and stadiums
24. Tom Warren Random Dates
diary entries, sports, weather and Wall Street stats, color photos
25. Achim Zeman There is No Thing to be Said
braille, semaphore, morse code, Amslang

Edition of 200Each booklet 12 pagesNumerous$200.00

I Am Not...

I Am Not Like Them At All And I Cannot Pretend
by Alix Lambert

Text and works on paper by Alix Lambert Edition of 250, signed by artist3028 color reproductions$25.00

Manmade Girl promo item

Marianne Nowottny
La Collection 2001

Booklet published in celebration of the release of the cd "Manmade Girl" by Marianne Nowottny.Edition of 50. Few left!1210 color reproductions of altered plastic dolls, 1 photograph$3.00


Nowottny Shells and Corridors

Poetry and drawings by Marianne Nowottny.Edition of 200. Few left!7430 black and white reproductions$10.00
Dream Magazine #4

Published by Dream
Dream Magazine #4. Includes a free 15 track cd compilation with one track by Marianne Nowottny. 112 pages, squarebound, with CD. Lots of pictures. Extensive interviews, images, reviews and features.



$12.00 includes postage in US & Canada/
Dream Magazine #5

Published by Dream
Dream Magazine #5. Includes a free 13 track cd compilation with one track by Julia Vorontsova. 128 pages, squarebound, with CD. Lots of pictures. Extensive interviews, images, reviews and features.



$12.00 includes postage in US & Canada/
Robots & Electronic Brains #15

Published by R&EB
Robots & Electronic brains, Includes a free 24 track cd compilation with Abaton label sampler. Tracks by Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Marianne Nowottny, Julia Vorontsova, Devorah Day, Yellin String quartet & SHELL, 35 pages, stapled, with CD. Lots reviews, features.


$5.00 includes postage worldwide.

Imminence of the Geometric
by Mark Dagley

Prose and drawings by Mark Dagley500 copies16 pages8 b/w reproductions$7.00

Barras Y Estrellas box set

1994 group exhibition catalogue for Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. Text by Carlos Diaz-Bertana500 copiesBoxed set of 5 books, each 32 pages11 color reproductions$30.00

Descriptions on Samenessness

November 1988 Mark Dagley exhibition catalogue published by Mar Estrada Gallery, Madrid and Gallery Leyendecker, Canary Islands. Text by Mark Dagley and Bill Schwarz. SoftcoverEdition 1000 copies48 pages9 color and 8 b/w reproductions$12.00

Organized by Mark Dagley, October 1989 group exhibition catalogue for Galleria Chisel, Milano. Text by Enzo Cirone. SoftcoverEdition 1000 copies28 pages6 color and 6 b/w reproductions$10.00

Mark Dagley;
September 12 - October 3, 1987
Brochure from 1987 Tony Shafrazi Gallery Exhibition, NYC. Published by the artist. Text by George CondoEdition of 500 copies12 pages5 b/w reproduction$7.00

Mark Dagley;
October-November 1988
Exhibiton catalogue for Galerie Swart, Amsterdam. Text by the artistEdition of 1000 copiesSoftcover, 20 pages6 b/w reproductions$7.00

Mark Dagley; November 1989
Exhibition catalogue for Galleria Chisel, Genova. Text by Viana ContiEdition of 2000Softcover 28 pages10 color reproductions$10.00

Mark Dagley; Radical Structures Exhibition catalogue May 1992
Exhibition catalogue for Ausstellungsraum, Basel. Texts by the artist, Viana Conti, Roman Kurzmeyer, Peter HaefeliEdition of 300 copiesSoftcover, 32 pages8 color reproductionsSOLD OUT

Una Hora Antes
December 1988 group exhibition catalogue which includes Mark Dagley. Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Tenerife, Spain. Text by Norbert Messler Edition of 3000Hardcover, 64 pages15 color reproductions$30.00


Post-Hypnotic Group exhibition catalogue for traveling museum show launched in 1999 at Illinois State University, Normal. Texts by Barry Blinderman and Tom Moody. Cover Painting by Mark DagleyX104 pages86 color reproductions$22.00

Mark Dagley; Holdings Exhibition catalogue March - April 2005
Exhibition catalogue for Up & Co, New York/London. Text by Amy WilsonEdition of 100 copiesSoftcover, 54 pages23 color reproductions$12.00

Steven Parrino ~ The No Texts (1979 - 2003)
Collected writings
Softcover, 58 pages
10 black & white reproductions
$28.50 includes postage in the U.S. and Canada only.

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