Donna Bailey & Marianne Nowottny

Marianne Nowottny and Donna Bailey performed, offstage more than on, as SHELL from 1996-2001. Their early home recordings are primitive and poignant blends of synth-punk and gothic girl-pop.In October 1998, Abaton Book Company released a limited edition cassette of Shell's greatest hits, Shell meets the Invisible Man + Shell vs. NEU! , a kind of post-modern battle of the bands. Recorded with only the most basic equipment (handheld cassette players), Shell vs. Neu! still managed to grab the ear of writer/WFMU D.J. Kenneth Goldsmith, who admired "its strange...echoey vocals and keyboards {and its} mix of found sound and music." Shell performed live for the first time in January 1999, at TEAM Gallery in NYC, as part of an art/music/film festival curated by Steven Parrino. Their debut CD, Shell is Swell, was released to accolades the following year. Shell's latest (but far from last) record is a cherry-pink vinyl 7", Gimme Shell, issued in 2003.

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Shell Is Swell


Abaton Book Company #008

Vinyl release by Marianne Nowottny and Donna Bailey, a 7" four-song ep with one by Donna in Spanish.
Cherry pink vinyl, wraparound graphic insert in plastic sleeve.


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500 copies


"Marianne Nowottny, teen queen of the glissando vocals, teams up with her best friend Donna Bailey for their second release. These spokeswomen for freaky girls everywhere give us a reminder that men do not understand women (and never will!). It's girl's night out, and throbs of distortion set the scene: spooooky. Minor chords march up and down: PJ Harvey and early Tom Waits are definite influences, but Nowottny's style is her own -- not even the late Marc Bolan could slide up to notes like this. If you love the first minute, you'll love the entire record.
Giancarlo Felippa "Other Music Newsletter" 5/24/2000

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