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July - August

July 23, 2004

6 - 9 pm

Tom Warren


East Village, Early '80s

Tom Warren @ Abaton Garage

Tom Warren @ Abaton GarageWarren photo

photo top: Derelict Vehicle - 1982, gelatin silver print, 40 X 60 inches, unique print.

photo left and right: Abaton Garage installation views, summer 2004

Tom Warren has been actively involved in the New York City art world for more than 25 years. His photography was included in many important ‘80s exhibitions, such as the Times Square Show and Bad Light Photography, which brought international attention to New York’s underground art and music scene. Warren also displayed work in the very first shows at COLAB, the Rivington Street School, and Fashion Moda. He was simultaneously photographing pioneer Punk and No-Wave musicians X_X, DNA, the Lounge Lizards, and numerous others.

Warren’s photography presents a poignant understanding of abjection and pathos. His inanimate subjects — abandoned cars, air vents, vacuum cleaners — reflect a humanist symbolism, while his formal portraiture is an indelible recording of pure elegiac order.

The heady East Village days of neo-pop have now faded into historical perspective. Tom Warren’s early photography serves as a reminder of the importance of archiving the temporary, as well as the uniqueness of both the individual and the moment.

Scene & Heard

Directions to Abaton Garage.


From NYC take the Newark-bound PATH train to Journal Square. Taxis are available on Kennedy Boulevard, directly in front of the station. The ride to Abaton Garage takes less than five minutes and costs approximately $5. If you prefer to walk, simply stroll down Kennedy Boulevard about 3/4 of a mile, until you reach Gifford Avenue. Then turn right; 100 is in the middle of the block.

Past Exhibitions:

Mark Dagley, June ~ July 2004


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