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The Nebrellim Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra

We are proud to offer you our recent limited edition, a 7" lathe cut recording entitled Every Room (for 16 saxophones) by Ben Miller's Nebrellim Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra .

Produced in a limited edition of 30 copies, each sleeve features two graphic images, (cover sleeve and insert) by Don Voisine.

"Miller's preteen Classical training on the alto saxophone changed over to free improvisation and atonal composition by High School. In his early twenties, he expounded on 20th Century composition techniques and wrote a multitude of small orchestral pieces for various ensembles. He also performed with David Swain's big band; The II V I Orchestra. In 1977, Miller joined up with the punk band Destroy All Monsters and his composition streak came to a halt and didn't pick up again until the mid-1990's. Throughout the 1980's, Miller continued to perform and record saxophone with a number of rock groups; The Same Band, Nonfiction, GKW, Radio Silence, The Empty Set and Roger Miller. Purchasing a C-Melody Saxophone in 1993 while earning his BFA at Columbia College Chicago, he began developing an all-interval method similar to Arnold Shoenberg's 12-tone method with the lofty concept that intervals were more important than pitch. This method has developed over the years producing an array of compositions, some of which can be heard at Ben's MySpace page (Three Episodes, Out Of, and Francium). After performing and recording with Glenn Branca's 100 Guitar Orchestra in 2004 and 2006, Miller began to write for saxophone orchestra. Currently, he is recording these compositions as The Nebrellim Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra in his home studio by way of overdubbing." Ben Miller

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