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Our Garden Circle
by Julia Vorontsova

Our Garden Circle is the Julia Vorontsova cd-r/dvd-r on Digitalis Industries & Abaton Book Company. Produced in an extremely limited edition of only 60 numbered copies, it is a true labor of love. It includes one cd-r of her 8/22/04 Sin'e performance and a dvd-r of a rare five song private performance plus two additional tracks recorded live at the Bowery Poetry Club. Also included in this set is an eight page booklet outlining Julia's connection to the culture of singing poetry, illustrations and a short text by the artist herself.

There will be no additional copies of this project produced in this edition and we encourage anyone interested on this list to purchase this item NOW. It is a most lovely object!

We have sold out of this item. Please try Foxy Digitalis .

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